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Word Art: For Mr. Imagination

I first met Mr. Imagination in front of a now-defunct punk club called 513 which, I murkily recall, was having some kind of all-day event on a pleasant Saturday afternoon. I don’t remember much about the event, but I do remember Mr. I. He wore a vest that was completely covered with bottlecaps that we […]

Word Art: Guide Dog

I’ve decided that this shall be the blog of record for my word art creations. Each piece will get its own blog entry, where I detail the story (however short or long) of the piece’s creation, post the transcript of the words themselves and post a picture of the result.

Rather than do it chronologically, […]

Making It Up As I Go Along

This cartoon by Hugh MacLeod sums up my state of mind nicely. (So, for that matter, does this one.)

In the five days since my art career officially started on that fateful Saturday night, I’ve created five more word art pieces. Three of them were created in one day. I decided that I wanted to […]

My New Career

On December 5, 2009, my dear friend Lake, along with her friend Mr. Imagination, were throwing an art party. Lake told me to feel free to bring any art that I happened to have.

I brought these:

That Which We Call the Heart (left) and Spiral (right)

That Which We Call […]