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Rich Living: Away From the Screens

I have an iPhone. I do not complain about this. I’m slowly learning Spanish with Duolingo, and I was able to lose all the weight that medication had put on me with LoseIt. But social media was threatening to become my downfall. I was checking things constantly and ignoring the world around me, which made […]

Rich Living: One Sense at a Time

Much has been written about presence and mindfulness, so I won’t bore you be repeating it. Instead I’ll simply cut directly to a technique I use to bring myself into the present moment.

Presence is when we get out of the ramblings of our heads and fully occupy the world around us. Focusing […]

Rich Living: Unwandering the Mind

I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in

And stops my mind from wandering

Where it will go

–The Beatles, “Fixing a Hole”

The mind wanders. Whether this is a bug or feature depends perhaps on when it wanders and where it wanders to. It can make tedious situations […]

Ten Thousand Flowers and the Courageous Offer

Naked City is something of a cross between an open mic and a game show. People sign up to perform, they are called up at random and they are given five minutes to do whatever. If they go over five minutes, they must spin The Wheel of Consequences, which can result in anything from free […]

Rich Living: I Am Not Paul McCartney

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

–Oscar Wilde

If I want to really feel insignificant, I just compare myself to Sir Paul McCartney.

Face it, the man has more money, fame and sheer and absolute coolness than I can ever dream of possessing. My net worth is spare change next to his collected […]

Rich Living: How to Be Present

The starting point of living a rich life is to pay attention to it. This seems ridiculously obvious, until you try doing it on a consistent basis and become more aware of how your brain can go rabbiting off from the present moment and gnawing on stupid things like What That Mean Person Said On […]

Rich Living: The Basics

One of the nifty things about having a blog with a nonsensical title is that you can veer madly in a different direction and nobody can seriously complain that the blog is no longer as advertised.

So far here I’ve talked about free writing techniques and my Word Art and now I feel like adding […]