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Word Art: Earth [Astronomy Series]

We don’t spend much time thinking about Earth being as much an astronomical body as any other planet in space, and I said as much in the text. This one was both easier and harder than the other planets because of that.


We live here.

The most thoroughly explored planet […]

Word Art: Venus [Astronomy Series]

This one, of course, confuses from a distance because the symbol for the planet Venus is also the common symbol for “female.” It probably didn’t help that I used the purple ink for this one–though I could have gone the distance and made the thing pink.


Morning star and evening star.


Word Art: Icarus Speaks of His Fall From the Heavens

I’m doing this all wrong, aren’t I? I should have worked my way through the Astronomy Series, maybe even a planet a day and then gone on to the rest of my art box. But instead I go off and get all excited about this one piece I just finished yesterday and decide to do […]

Word Art: Mercury [Astronomy Series]

About a month into my art career, I got it in my head that I would enter the art show at Chattacon, a little science fiction convention that I normally go to each year. I downloaded and read the rules and realized that I’d need something to fit the proper themes of the show.

“I […]

Word Art: True Wealth

Do you want to be a rich person, or do you want to live a rich life?

The question came to me while I was doing my Three Daily Pages and it’s a phrase I try to keep in my back pocket as a perpetual reminder. This was my effort to turn that idea into […]

Word Art: Contraction and Expansion

This one was created on the first day of 2010 to fill in a small black frame I’d picked up in a thrift shop run. I suppose it would have been appropriate to do something about new beginnings or fresh starts, but instead I did this:

Contraction and Expansion

This is what they […]

Word Art: The Rules of the Game

This piece was started in the middle of the Upper West Side Folk Art Market (because I needed something to do while waiting for people to drift past my table, squint at my work, nod, smile and wander on) and eventually finished at home a week or two later. While sometime I can crank out […]

Word Art: Moons, Stars, Comets and Other Possibilities

As I’ve mentioned, when making Word Art I pencil in the boundaries before I begin writing, so I can shape the words accordingly. I’d wanted to do one about a night sky, and so I penciled in a crescent moon and some stars and took to writing in that general direction. Somewhere in the middle […]