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Even More Fun With Spam!

I returned from my long absence to this blog to find a slew of comments caught in the moderation queue. Unfortunately, every single one of them belonged there.

Yes! Finally someone writes about Лучшее порево.

Russian! The official language of spam!

Evenyore would benefit from reading this post

Well, by all means, tell Evenyore and […]

More Fun With Spam!

I have to say, How to Kill Demons did get quite the response in the comments section. Too bad only one of them was from somebody who actually read the thing. The rest got clogged in the spam trap and have that peculiar quality that comes with comments that are cleverly designed to sneak in […]

Fun With Spam!

One of the rather disheartening things about starting out a blog is the realization that nobody but me is reading any of this. Some spammers, I suspect, rely on this loneliness to infiltrate the comments of various blogs so they can seed their links for their nefarious purposes. They use remarks that are generic enough […]