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Word Art: Abstract #3

This is the third in a series of experiments with doing Word Art in abstract patterns with, well, rather abstract words to go with them.

Abstract #3

Waves of shining silver water caress a blue sand beach as you stand facing the horizon.

The sun is high and bright in a sky with […]

Word Art: Wishing Stars

There’s far too many lucky stars to count

–The Tender Idols, “Six Minute Feeling”

When I finally settled on pricing my art at the rate of five dollars per square inch, I decided I needed some form of one-square-inch art so just about anybody could afford at least something of mine. I came up with […]

Word Art: Abstract #1

This was a first attempt at what I plan to be a series of pieces that are abstract shapes with words that aren’t completely required to make sense.

Abstract #1

Wake up to an iridescent sky and razor angular clouds burning in the blood rose glow of a sun that dangles on the horizon but […]

Word Art: Breaking Awake

I had it in my head that I would do something simple and easy to add to my collection of Word Art. Two colors bisected by a narrowing crack between them. Something about the breakings of things. Should have been able to knock it out in one evening.


My inspiration ground to a halt […]

Word Art: Speak

This is one of the first pieces I did, in about the same style as That Which Is Called the Heart and Spiral, which is to say in the style of still figuring out what the heck I was doing. I made it because I decided that I wanted a background to my Twitter page […]

Word Art: Alien Life

Lake Sirmon is one of the reasons I am irretrievably barred from saying I have not had an interesting life. We met at an art show that my friend Steve took me to. It was supposed to be the grand opening of her new art gallery and studio space. Unfortunately, an ice storm hit the […]

Word Art: The Flow of Change

I’m not sure which rabbit hole of links I tumbled down to land on the virtual doorstep of Pace and Kyeli, but I can certainly say that I’m glad I did. It was refreshing to see such enthusiasm, optimism, sensitivity and encouragement in the cynical wilds of the blogosphere. I added their blog to my […]

Word Art: Seven Ways to Sneak Past the Lizard Brain

Whenever possible, I set aside my birthday as a day to go out, explore, ramble and indulge myself a bit. June 14, 2010 was no exception. I spent the day visiting Centennial Olympic Park and the Georgia Aquarium and that evening I went to a restaurant in Virginia Highlands for Linchpin day.

Linchpin day was, […]

Word Art: How to Kill Demons

When I’d finished up Exile and The Intruders had finished their set, I packed up and said goodnight to the lads and showed them my work in a kind of “look what I did while you were playing!” way. I didn’t expect any of them would even attempt to read it. One of the guitarists […]

Word Art: A Brief Message to the Class of 2010

At 2011 Bolton Road, in the northwest part of Atlanta, there is a relatively new commercial building that lacks tenants in its upper floor. The owner is amenable to letting artists use the space while nobody else is, and thus I’m now participating in my second art show there. The first show was the Upper […]