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Ten Thousand Flowers and the Accumulations of Solitude

I think if this peculiar project has taught me anything, it’s that I never would have made it as a professional artist.  Because I can’t even give the stuff away.

A stack of flowers

Exhibit A

In terms of production, I’m still slightly behind the rate of a flower a day that I’d originally set for myself, because the Head Gremlins managed to stop me for long stretches and I haven’t quite caught up yet.  It probably doesn’t help that the number of Flowers As Yet To Be Given Away has stacked up to the point that a hundred people could suddenly hit me up for flowers and I’d still have another few hundred to spare.

I’m still figuring out the best way to give these things away in a way that doesn’t obliterate the message I’m hoping to send with this.  I don’t want to market or monetize these flowers and I want to make sure they are led to places where they will be kept, rather than discarded like advertising flyers and other such free things we take for granted.  (I found a few on the floor when I gave away a stack of them on New Year’s Eve and it absolutely broke my heart to see them there.  I picked them up, dusted them off and later found them better homes.)

Until I catch the viral infection of Warhol Syndrome and get that precious fifteen minutes to spread the word in, I guess all I can do it what I’ve been doing so far in my tortoise steps to that finish line marked by the ten thousandth flower.

I finished Flower 680 today.  I still have a ways to go.

Click this link to find out more about the Ten Thousand Flowers Project.


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