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Word Art: Speak

This is one of the first pieces I did, in about the same style as That Which Is Called the Heart and Spiral, which is to say in the style of still figuring out what the heck I was doing. I made it because I decided that I wanted a background to my Twitter page […]

Rich Living: I Am Not Paul McCartney

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

–Oscar Wilde

If I want to really feel insignificant, I just compare myself to Sir Paul McCartney.

Face it, the man has more money, fame and sheer and absolute coolness than I can ever dream of possessing. My net worth is spare change next to his collected […]

Rich Living: How to Be Present

The starting point of living a rich life is to pay attention to it. This seems ridiculously obvious, until you try doing it on a consistent basis and become more aware of how your brain can go rabbiting off from the present moment and gnawing on stupid things like What That Mean Person Said On […]

Rich Living: The Basics

One of the nifty things about having a blog with a nonsensical title is that you can veer madly in a different direction and nobody can seriously complain that the blog is no longer as advertised.

So far here I’ve talked about free writing techniques and my Word Art and now I feel like adding […]