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Word Art: Exile

I think of all the materials and objects I use to create my word art, the only ones specifically purchased for artmaking purposes was the pack of Pilot G-2 Mini gel pens that I picked up at an office supply store. The rest of my art supplies are things that were handed down to me […]

Word Art: Questions Without Answers

On Wednesday nights at The Glenwood, a jazz combo led by a young man named Taylor Kennedy plays in the corner of one of the rooms. I’ve taken to toting my materials in a well-worn bag and spending a few hours there, sipping wine, listening to jazz and making art. Questions Without Answers is probably […]

Word Art: That Which Is Called the Heart

After I finished Spiral, I took a short break and then sat down and began on what became That Which Is Called the Heart. It was an initial experiment in writing around white space and it taught me the singularly important lesson that I’ve carried to every subsequent work–use something to keep the lines straight! […]

Word Art: Spiral

Spiral was the first prototype for my Word Art that I was willing to show to other people. (I’d tried something a couple of months prior, but the result was such a hot mess I’m not showing it to anybody until I’ve established a solid enough body of work to render said hot mess into […]

Catching Up on Word Art

My original plan when I started posting my Word Art on this blog was to update it weekly with a new piece. Those who have been keeping an eye on this blog (both of you) might have noticed that I fell a bit behind on that schedule. In the meantime, I’ve accumulated enough art that […]

Upper West Side Folk Art Market

Just wanted to let anybody out there who might be in the Atlanta area know that I’ll be showing my work at the Upper West Side Folk Art Market this weekend. The opening reception is tonight starting at 5:00 PM and it continues through Sunday, February 14. And, yes, I’ve been a bit busy getting […]