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Questions and Answers About Sheila the Wonderbink

Who are you, anyway?

My name is Sheila O’Shea, pleasure to meet you.

What the heck is a Wonderbink?

Many moons ago, when I had my first proper email address, I decided I didn’t want every mailing list I subscribed to having access to my full real name.  So I changed the settings so email received from that address would be from “Sheila the Wonderbink.”  (It’s still set to that, in fact, at least for that address.  I’ve accumulated quite a few email addresses since then, under various names and personas.)  The word came to me from whatever odd part of my brain is in charge of such things and it struck me as grandly silly–it starts out sounding like a superhero and ends with a weird noise.  So I kept it.

I decided to use it as the domain for this blog for, well, roughly the same reason, really.  Because it’s grandly silly and a way to keep me from taking any of this entirely too seriously.  And because, unsurprisingly, nobody else had gotten to it first.

What is this blog about?

This blog has evolved a few times over and is currently the repository for the Ten Thousand Flowers Project and posts about Rich Living.

How many freaking blogs do you have, anyway?

Probably more than any sane person should have.  I have a Dreamwidth journal here.  I have a writerly blog on Blogspot here.  Two of my Second Life avatars have blogs here and here.  (This blog might even indirectly be considered a blog for another one of them.)  I might have missed one or two in there somewhere on top of that.

How on earth do you write that small?

A steady hand and years of practice.

Where can I buy your artwork?

It is no longer for sale. The Ten Thousand Flowers are available for free, though.

Are you on Twitter?

Yes.  You are free to follow me at @wonderbink if you’re okay with the fact that I might not automatically follow you back because I have the compulsive urge to actually read my Twitter feed and hate falling behind on it.

Are you on Facebook?

Not anymore.  I gave it up for Lent and never really went back.

How about Instagram?

I am indeed. I’m @wonderbink there as well. I mostly post flowers from the Ten Thousand Flowers Project, but occasionally post bits of my life there, too.

Anywhere else in the world world of social media?

I pretty much measure my social media participation on whether or not I can post flowers on it. I’m on Tumblr at https://10kflowers.tumblr.com/ (wonderbink is taken there, and I think it may have been taken by me, but I can’t remember which email address I used). You will find nothing but flowers there.

What would you do in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse?

I’ve never seen the point in making plans for things that aren’t terribly likely to happen.  If I need to engage in such a mental exercise, I’d rather spend the time plotting how to spend my lottery winnings, since that’s a documented phenomenon that actually happens to people outside of works of fiction.

If you have any other questions, you can email me at sheila@wonderbink.com.  Sufficiently interesting or frequent questions may wind up here.  Thank you and goodnight.