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Doo-Nanny 2012!

Yes, I will be at the Doo-Nanny.

Yes, I’m bringing art. And flowers.

Yes, I’m looking forward to it.

No, I haven’t finished packing yet.

Excuse me while I get on that.

Word Art: Abstract #3

This is the third in a series of experiments with doing Word Art in abstract patterns with, well, rather abstract words to go with them.

Abstract #3

Waves of shining silver water caress a blue sand beach as you stand facing the horizon.

The sun is high and bright in a sky with […]

Art-B-Que May 7-8 2011

Just a quick post to let people know I’ll be sharing a tent with my brother Sean O’Shea of Industrious Designs at the Art-B-Que this weekend in Avondale Estates, Georgia.

Think maybe I should get some more art made for it?

Heading for the Doo-Nanny

I’d hoped to have some new art to post about but my inspiration logjammed to a halt and I was only able to get one more abstract done, which is destined for the Possum Trot auction tonight as the pre-game to the Doo-Nanny this weekend.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish packing.


Word Art: A Brief Message to the Class of 2010

At 2011 Bolton Road, in the northwest part of Atlanta, there is a relatively new commercial building that lacks tenants in its upper floor. The owner is amenable to letting artists use the space while nobody else is, and thus I’m now participating in my second art show there. The first show was the Upper […]

Word Art: Fire

I was told about the Doo-Nanny by Chris Hubbard, and figured at the very least I’d come back with some good stories to tell, so I went. I did indeed come back with some good stories to tell, including the probably-more-epic-than-it-really-needs-to-be tale of how I managed to get a pair of Converse high-tops for two […]

Originals on Hold

Hello to any new visitors who saw me at Riverfest! I had a lovely time there and I hope to make it next year.

All my Etsy listings have been deactivated for the moment. Sorry about that. I’ve taken them down while the pieces in question are being set up for Art on the Fringe. […]

Riverfest 2010 -- May 8

Just a quick post to let the Atlanta-area readers of this blog (both of you) know that I’ll have a table at Riverfest on Saturday, May 8 2010. There’s an admission fee, but that fee includes bands, barbeque and beer and the proceeds go to neighborhood groups and charities. If you make it, do stop […]

Where the Guide Dog Led Me

Sometimes people still ask me if Twitter is useful for anything. I have to say it’s managed to keep me informed of many things, whether it’s finding out about a Henry Rollins gig at the last minute or pointing me to blog entries and news items that I would have otherwise known nothing about.

One […]

Catching Up on Word Art

My original plan when I started posting my Word Art on this blog was to update it weekly with a new piece. Those who have been keeping an eye on this blog (both of you) might have noticed that I fell a bit behind on that schedule. In the meantime, I’ve accumulated enough art that […]