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Word Art: Contraction and Expansion

This one was created on the first day of 2010 to fill in a small black frame I’d picked up in a thrift shop run.  I suppose it would have been appropriate to do something about new beginnings or fresh starts, but instead I did this:

Contraction and Expansion

Contraction and Expansion

This is what they try to tell us: that the world is diminishing, the world is collapsing and contracting.

What is little will soon be less, and we’d best grab what we can while it can still be obtained from the fading supply.

Everything will run out, they tell us, so many people in the world want what we have and it must be defended from being taken away from us.

Hold on to your gold and your cash, they tell us, or it disappears into nothing.

But what if this was not really true?

What if there really was more than enough for all of us?

What if we stopped the perpetual chase for a lifestyle that cannot be sustained in the limits of our resources and found ways to make sure that all were fed and clothed and well and free to life life in all its marvel and wonder?

Do any of us really need more house than we can occupy or money than we can ever hope to spend?

What if we truly learned to be content and no longer needed to buy things we barely use?

What if we learned to measure wealth in how we make use of the gift of life instead of how much owned?

The thoughts were cut off abruptly by the limitations of space, which is probably why I made True Wealth so large to make up for that, since I have much to ramble about on that subject.  I gave serious thought to scrapping this one entirely and starting all over, but it seems to have settled into place and now I am reluctant to destroy it.

Prints of this work are available here.

The original has been sold.

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