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More Fun With Spam!

I have to say, How to Kill Demons did get quite the response in the comments section.  Too bad only one of them was from somebody who actually read the thing.  The rest got clogged in the spam trap and have that peculiar quality that comes with comments that are cleverly designed to sneak in and plant links to boost somebody’s Google rankings.

I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

Why, you’re welcome!  I’m really not sure what information I provided here that helped you with your oddly minimal blog about how to become an ultrasound technician, but I hope it works out well for you.

I respect what you may did right here. I like the part wherever you express you are doing this to give back then again I’d personally guess just by all the responses that this is earning a living for you too.

It always weirds me out a bit when spam comments talk about “all the responses” or the “lively discussion” when I haven’t made a single one of them visible.  Can they secretly see each other as their comments huddle together in the spam trap?  As for ‘earning a living’, dude, I wish.

A superb view on this you’ve gotten, even as I don’t accept every thing which was explained I can see your case.

I’m glad you can see it.  I didn’t even realize I was making a case for anything.

All kinds of things is absolutely free, wonderful woman. Gratitude so much for text this material for us to learn.

This one I might have almost considered letting through, had it been signed with a normal human name instead of ‘binaural tones.’

The amazing little blueberry has emerged as nature’s number one source of antioxidants among fresh fruits and vegetables.

Good to know, but how is that remotely relevant to anything I’ve written here?  I’m trying to even figure out any blog where this would fit in easily without it bringing to mind some vaguely Stepford-like individual blurting this line out at a cocktail party with a blank smile.

I have two major Word Art projects in the works that I’ll be posting soon.  I’ve also added a few scans up for people to download–check the “Free Stuff” tab at the top of the blog for details.  And if you are a live human being with something to say, please, feel free to comment.  I get lonely typing here by myself, ya know, but not so lonely that I’ll take up with spambots for company.

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