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Word Art: Wishing Stars

There’s far too many lucky stars to count

–The Tender Idols, “Six Minute Feeling”

When I finally settled on pricing my art at the rate of five dollars per square inch, I decided I needed some form of one-square-inch art so just about anybody could afford at least something of mine.  I came up with the idea of doing wee magnets of Word Art with very short pieces on them.  I did the first batch of them at the Upper West Side Folk Art Market and dutifully transcribed all the original words into my iPhone so I could hang on to them:


Wishing Stars

Wish #1

This star is a wish for freedom to be whoever you really are. It is a wish that you may live without a sense of not being the way you should. It is a wish for you to love freely what or who you love and never feel the need to apologize for it

Wish #2

This star is a wish that the cracked places will find healing. It is a wish that your heart will expand in a way to your utter surprise. It is a wish for beauty, grace and for life in all its perplexing ways.

Wish #3

This star is a wish that you will always carry peace within your heart. This is a wish for serenity that knows beyond any knowing to breathe and let things be what they are. This is a wish for the wisdom to recall that all storms will pass and the rain exhausts itself into sunlight.

Wish #4

This star is a wish that the bright light of your inspiration will shine brightly for the world to see. It is a wish that your light will be seen as clearly as possible without filters to obscure the true colors and the true brilliance of it.

Wish #5

This star is a wish for you to know laughter, for you to take all things lightly. It is a wish no matter how critical the situation can become, it does not ever become serious. It is, in a way, a wish that you may see things from the outside and laugh now.

Wish #6

This star is a wish for a rich life full of all the marvels and wonders that this world has to offer to every one of us. It is a wish for you to lack for nothing in life that you have true need of and to embrace gratitude.

Wish #7

This star is a wish that your life may be filled with surprises of the happy kind. It is a wish that you will be gifted with presents you didn’t even know that you wanted until you received them. It is a wish for happy random perfection. It is a wish that apparent chaos may resolve itself into fractal beauty and perfection.


Sentinel of the night sky, perpetual in change and strangely constant for even as change will come over the face the same face is turned to us each night and only the shadow will shift. We are similar.

Actually, I did the moon first.  I’ve only done it once and I’m not even sure if I’ll do it again or just leave it on my fridge as a reminder of how this all started.

At my first art show, I swapped a wishing star with Chris Hubbard for a lucky star from his booth.  Somebody else bought another.  Then I came to the question of how to replenish my stock.  I decided to allow myself to repeat myself a bit and re-do some previous wishes.  Then I discovered how much easier said than done that was.

The first few stars had been tossed off rapidly–sketch in the stars and come up with words.  Then trying to repeat what I’d done left me wondering how in the heck did I do that in the first place.  It didn’t help that I’d been quietly raising my standards so that stars I would have used before started to appear too shabby for public consumption.  Finally, I hit a wall and could barely even make myself make them anymore.

Eventually, I nudged myself past my reluctance and starting refining my methods so the results both looked better and were easier to do.  (Templates are a beautiful thing, y’all.)  I tweaked my process a bit more as I sat in my booth at the Art-B-Que and while I didn’t sell much in the way of magnets, I did wonders in producing the things.

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