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Ten Thousand Flowers and the Apology From the Postal Service

After making such a huge show of posting my letter to the Postmaster General regarding my misadventures in acquiring an International Reply Coupon, it seemed only fair that I make note of the response that landed in my mailbox yesterday. I have scanned it (with some redactions) and present it below.


(The full-size […]

Ten Thousand Flowers and the Confused Postal Service

I’m up to twenty flowers in my Ten Thousand Flowers project, with four sent out so far. I’ve gotten one envelope from across town, two from across the country and another from across the world.

I’d never had the occasion to use an International Reply Coupon before, but I didn’t think it would be any […]

Ten Thousand Flowers and the Gremlin in the Head

Yesterday I went to the office supply store and bought a pack of unlined 3-by-5 cards. I started using the fine point Sharpies that I’d obtained and found still too blunt to do my word art work with and drew flowers on them.

Ten Flowers

The first five were drawn yesterday, the next […]