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Even More Fun With Spam!

I returned from my long absence to this blog to find a slew of comments caught in the moderation queue. Unfortunately, every single one of them belonged there.

Yes! Finally someone writes about Лучшее порево.

Russian! The official language of spam!

Evenyore would benefit from reading this post

Well, by all means, tell Evenyore and direct them to this post.

Pokemon remakes for songs are awmoese, too. :DI’m not gonna’ Raichu a love song, cause you Ash for it, cause you Nidoran. CHANSEY!I don’t know if you’re in a straight jacket the situation demands a new name.

I’m going to guess that you had a lot of tabs open to a lot of different blogs and got your comment fields mixed up.

Shadow, Kallista.Haha. *laughs like a lunatic*Lemme see. I’ve given grnmeils food. And guns.Not to mention made zombies giants, and given them weapons. Andgiven vamps weapons.Lets also mention a teaparty withaliens.

There’s a certain irony in the fact that this one was directed to the post More Fun With Spam!

Every time i miss you, a star falls.So if you ever look up at the sky and the stars are gone,its because you made me miss you too much!Be my Valentine!

Why, thank you wiij2aavdny@outlook.com. By the way, it helps reading comprehension if you put at least one space between sentences.

Harry potter seires? Once.SP? Three times after I finished mortal coil, and when DB can out I read all my fav parts of it a million times. They’re all my fav parts.I used to know all the spells in HP, then I forgot some of them.

I’m very impressed that you were able to learn spells from the Harry Potter books. Perhaps you should demonstrate for James Randi.

My guy sucked on my neck and chest but it didn’t leave a mark. It still feels relaly good. So if you want one but doont want amark just tell him to suck but not hard.

I once dated a guy who gave himself a hickey on his leg so he could claim he got in an accident on his motorcycle in order to take a day off from work. (Seriously, I did.)

I’d like to try and do these more frequently. This is not a heavily trafficked blog, but I’m certainly not lacking for spam to make fun of.

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