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Catching Up on Word Art

My original plan when I started posting my Word Art on this blog was to update it weekly with a new piece.  Those who have been keeping an eye on this blog (both of you) might have noticed that I fell a bit behind on that schedule.  In the meantime, I’ve accumulated enough art that a weekly schedule would take me two months just to go through the astronomical series alone.  (The what? I hear you ask.  We’ll get to that.)

So, to make up for it (and just in time for Lenten penance, I suppose) I’ll be posting a Word Art entry each weekday starting tomorrow until I’m caught up.  I realize I never did proper entries on the first two pieces I did, so I’ll start with those and try to do things roughly chronologically from there.

To give you an idea of how much art we’re looking at, here’s a picture of my table at the Upper West Side Folk Art Market this weekend.

table of word art at the Upper West Side Folk Art Market

The work so far

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