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Ten Thousand Flowers and the Big Oops

Upon the realization that it’s been literally years since I last updated this fine site, I figured it was time to hunker down and write up all the news about the project.

The major update—you will not need SASEs to get a flower for the foreseeable future! This isn’t a permanent arrangement, but it […]

Ten Thousand Flowers and the Change of Location

Back in the 20th century, I rented a box.

I’m not sure when I did, exactly. All I do know is that it came in tremendously handy because the period of my life between moving out of my parents’ house for the first time and buying property of my own was marked by a […]

Ten Thousand Flowers and the Advice I Didn’t Take

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, but I am a chronic procrastinator and the calcified layers of habit that had formed around not posting here made it hard to break through to actually posting here. But right now I’m convalescing from a car wreck (no bones broken but lots of […]

Even More Fun With Spam!

I returned from my long absence to this blog to find a slew of comments caught in the moderation queue. Unfortunately, every single one of them belonged there.

Yes! Finally someone writes about Лучшее порево.

Russian! The official language of spam!

Evenyore would benefit from reading this post

Well, by all means, tell Evenyore and […]

Rich Living: Away From the Screens

I have an iPhone. I do not complain about this. I’m slowly learning Spanish with Duolingo, and I was able to lose all the weight that medication had put on me with LoseIt. But social media was threatening to become my downfall. I was checking things constantly and ignoring the world around me, which made […]

Rich Living: One Sense at a Time

Much has been written about presence and mindfulness, so I won’t bore you be repeating it. Instead I’ll simply cut directly to a technique I use to bring myself into the present moment.

Presence is when we get out of the ramblings of our heads and fully occupy the world around us. Focusing […]

Rich Living: Unwandering the Mind

I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in

And stops my mind from wandering

Where it will go

–The Beatles, “Fixing a Hole”

The mind wanders. Whether this is a bug or feature depends perhaps on when it wanders and where it wanders to. It can make tedious situations […]

Ten Thousand Flowers and the Courageous Offer

Naked City is something of a cross between an open mic and a game show. People sign up to perform, they are called up at random and they are given five minutes to do whatever. If they go over five minutes, they must spin The Wheel of Consequences, which can result in anything from free […]

Freeing the Labyrinth

Just next to my local library, there is a labyrinth. Instead of a minotaur, the center holds a white post which says “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in a multiplicity of languages.

Not a recent picture.

The path is defined with brick and covered with gravel over bare earth. Over time, the gravel […]

Ten Thousand Flowers and the Accumulations of Solitude

I think if this peculiar project has taught me anything, it’s that I never would have made it as a professional artist. Because I can’t even give the stuff away.

Exhibit A

In terms of production, I’m still slightly behind the rate of a flower a day that I’d originally set for myself, […]